Lush, Luxurious Rabbit Fur Pelts – Bulk Pack of 4 Natural Pelts for Crafting




Discover the soft, comforting texture of real rabbit fur with this bulk pack of 4 beautiful pelts perfect for your next DIY project. These ethically-sourced furs are a must-have material for sewing, stuffing, trimming, and more.

Natural, Earthy Tones for Stunning Creations

Each pack contains 4 premium rabbit hides ranging from 12-14 inches long and 10-14 inches wide in a random assortment of natural colors. You may receive gorgeous pelts in:

– Natural grey with delicate charcoal undertones
– Rich chocolate browns reminiscent of fine mink
– Subtle fawn blending into creamy whites
– Spotted shades in mesmerizing patterns
– Golden straw tones with amber hues

With this variety, you’ll have endless options for integrating these elegant furs into all kinds of handicrafts and apparel. The natural earthiness lends an organic, cozy feel to everything you make.

Unbelievably Soft and Supple for Easy Crafting

These rabbit pelts are custom tanned to maintain suppleness, so they are a dream to sew, stuff, and work into your projects. The fur has a lush, plush texture that provides unbeatable comfort and warmth.

Glide your needle through the flexible hides with ease. Cut and shape the furs without fraying. Create intricately detailed crafts without hassle thanks to these high-quality pelts.

Ethically Sourced for Guilt-Free Crafting

Our rabbit furs come from healthy, humanely raised rabbits not killed solely for their fur. They are a byproduct of rabbits bred for food production. No animals are harmed solely for the purpose of obtaining fur.

This ensures the furs are cruelty-free, so you can craft guilt-free. Plus, making use of the entire rabbit is an environmentally responsible choice to prevent waste.

Vast Possibilities for Furry DIY Projects

With 4 furs, you have an abundant supply for all kinds of handicraft ideas:

– Line jackets, hats, gloves, and boots for superior warmth and decoration
– Craft irresistible cat and dog toys to delight your furry friends
– Sew stunning accent pillows with fur trim and backs
– Make unique stuffed animals, needle felting projects, and fantasy costumes
– Attach fur pom poms and tassels to clothing items and accessories
– Upholster bags, shoes, decorative boxes, photo frames, and more
– Accent jumpers, scarves, mittens, and winter apparel for style and comfort

Premium Quality Pelts

Our rabbit furs are inspected to ensure the highest quality. While natural characteristics like cowlicks, debris, blemishes, and score marks on the leather side may appear, these do not affect the usage and amazing feel of the fur side.

Any pieces needing extra prep can easily be brushed out and cleaned before crafting your masterpiece. We stand behind the premium quality and versatility of our bulk rabbit fur pelts.

The Perfect Addition to Your DIY Supplies

Bring luxurious texture and dazzling style to all your crafts and sewing projects with these ethically sourced rabbit fur pelts. With 4 included in each pack, you have plenty to explore your creativity through a variety of furry projects.

Add this essential supply to your craft stash today so you can discover the indulgent feel and striking beauty of real rabbit fur.


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