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Lychee 2.5mm Black Neoprene Fabric Roll for DIY Projects




Explore the versatility of Lychee’s 2.5mm thick black neoprene fabric. This soft, stretchy, and waterproof material is perfect for endless DIY projects and creations both indoors and out.

Supple and Elastic Fabric
This neoprene fabric has a delicate, smooth handfeel yet remains both soft and highly elastic. It has excellent shape memory to retain its form in projects that require folding, pleating or gathering. The material is supple enough for wearing comfort yet firm enough to hold structure.

Durable and Waterproof
The black neoprene fabric is durable enough for heavy use and completely waterproof thanks to its synthetic rubber construction. It’s resistant to rips, tears, and fraying even when cut. The fabric is also anti-static and dustproof. Cleanup is easy by simply wiping down with soap and water.

Insulates Against Temperature Extremes
This 2.5mm thick neoprene provides protection from temperature extremes. It insulates against both cold and heat while remaining breathable and comfortable to wear. Use it for wetsuits, protective gear, lounge chair covers, and other outdoor projects.

Cuts Easily With Scissors
A major benefit of this fabric is how easily and cleanly it cuts with household scissors without fraying. This allows for fully custom sizing and shaping for your projects. Cut curved lines, smooth edges, create unique patterns – the possibilities are endless.

Sew By Hand or Machine
This neoprene is soft and flexible enough for seaming by hand using a tight overlock stitch. Or use a household sewing machine to assemble your creations, just be sure to use the appropriate stretch needle. The fabric feeds smoothly for ease of construction.

Endless DIY Project Possibilities
With its combination of stretch, structure, and durability, this black neoprene is ideal for sewing an array of home décor items and apparel including:

– Wetsuits, rash guards
– Yoga mat carriers, gear bags
– Pet apparel like coats, mats, beds
– Computer and device sleeves, bags
– Outdoor cushions and pillow covers
– Draft stoppers for windows and doors
– Camera, phone, and tablet cases
– Shoe covers and gaiters
– Kitchen mats, pot holders, appliance covers
– Outdoor banners and signage

This neoprene fabric roll is perfect for crafters, sewers, and designers. Keep a supply on hand for all of your DIY project needs. The durable, waterproof fabric is soft yet supportive and lends itself beautifully to any creation.

Additional Details:

– Width: 143.5cm/56″
– Length: 45cm/18″
– Weight: 365g
– Material: SBR neoprene
– Thickness: 2.5mm
– Color: Solid black

Explore the unique properties of neoprene with this quality fabric roll from Lychee. Waterproof, insulating, stretchy, and durable, it’s the ultimate material for bringing your ideas to life. This soft black neoprene is easy to cut, shape, and sew using common household tools and sewing machines.


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