Mcredy 2 Pack Metallic Embroidery Threads – Gold & Silver Sewing Thread for Embellishing Fabric, Cross Stitch, Sewing and More




Add an eye-catching touch of elegance to your sewing and embroidery projects with this 2 pack of metallic embroidery threads from Mcredy!

Each spool contains 3600 meters (3937 yards) of glimmering gold or silver thread made from real metal wire slices wrapped around polyester. The metal wire provides a dazzling sheen while the polyester core gives strength and prevents breakage.

These versatile metallic threads can be used to embellish clothing, linens, crafts and more. Sew them into fabric by hand or machine, or use them in your embroidery machine for custom monogramming and detailing. The threads create a lustrous accent that really makes your stitchwork pop!

Premium Metal & Polyester Blend

Mcredy metallic threads are constructed from:

– Real precious metal wire slices – provides brilliant shine
– 120D/150D polyester filament – prevents breakage and fraying

The metal and polyester are twisted together to create strong, flexible thread that resists tangling and knotting. The threads have a continuous filament construction so you can stitch uninterrupted.

Choose between radiant silver or rich gold thread. Both colors make a bold statement and elevate any project.

Endless Creative Uses

Jazz up your:

  • Cross stitch patterns
  • Machine embroidery designs
  • Quilting
  • Applique
  • Clothing embellishments
  • Holiday crafts
  • Hand sewing projects

Use the metallic threads alone or pair them with colorful spools for an extra pop. Their unique sheen adds depth, dimension and luxury!

These malleable threads are suitable for both hand sewing and computerized/mechanical embroidery. Follow any embroidery pattern and simply substitute the metallic thread as desired.

Tangle-Free Spooling

Frustrated with metallic threads that constantly tangle and knot? Mcredy’s quality twisting process allows the thread to unwind smoothly right from the spool.

Each 3600 meter spool is wound evenly to prevent snags and chaos. The compact plastic spools fit neatly in your embroidery machine and storage.

Tip: For hand sewing, unwind the desired length first, then cut to avoid tangling the spool.

Superior Strength & Durability

Metallic threads can be delicate and difficult to work with. Mcredy reinforces the metal with tightly twisted polyester to create optimal strength and flexibility.

The cross-wrapped threads prevent fraying, resist breaking, and provide just the right amount of stretch and bend. No more frustration! The durable threads can withstand repeated washings without losing their glittery effect.

Versatile, Vibrant & Affordable

These versatile metallic threads are perfect for both sewing newbies and expert crafters. Liven up everyday projects or create dazzling finish details on special occasion pieces.

Mcredy provides brilliant gold and silver shades at a budget-friendly price. Why pay more for premium quality?

Add some sparkle to your stitchwork and order now! Mcredy Metallic Embroidery Threads – this sewing must-have makes your projects shine.


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