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METLUMBER Wooden Yarn Bowl – Handcrafted Rosewood Storage Holder with Fractal Burning and Resin Artwork for Tangle-Free Crochet and Knitting




Keep your yarn tangle-free and easily accessible with the METLUMBER Wooden Yarn Bowl. This beautifully handcrafted bowl is made from smooth rosewood and features intricate fractal wood burning accented with colorful resin artwork for a one-of-a-kind piece. Whether you’re an avid crocheter or just learning how to knit, this yarn bowl makes your crafting sessions easier and more enjoyable.

Natural Rosewood Construction

The METLUMBER yarn bowl is crafted from high-quality rosewood that is dense, durable, and smooth. Rosewood is a hardwood prized for its rich coloration and intricate grain patterns. The wood has a tight, dense grain that resists splintering. This makes it perfect for smoothly dispensing yarn without snagging the fibers. The heaviness of rosewood also provides stability to keep the bowl firmly in place as you pull yarn.

Unique Fractal Wood Burning

Before adding the resin accents, the rosewood undergoes a fractal wood burning process. This technique uses electricity to “draw” branching, tree-like patterns into the surface of the wood. The electrified tip meticulously scorches the rosewood, leaving behind a distinctive burned texture reminiscent of lightning bolts or tree roots. No two wooden yarn bowls will have the exact same fractal pattern, making each one a special handmade creation.

Vibrant Colored Resin Inlays

The fractal burned areas are then inlaid with luminescent resin in shades of pink, purple, blue and gold. The striking resin catches the light and adds even more visual interest to the already beautiful wood grain. As you turn the yarn bowl in your hands, the colors seem to dance across the rosewood. The resin also protects and seals the burned sections. A high-gloss polish is applied last to give the entire piece a smooth, shiny finish.

Functional Design Stores Yarn Tangle-Free

The METLUMBER yarn bowl isn’t just beautiful – it’s also highly functional for knitters and crocheters. The bowl shape keeps your yarn contained and centered, letting you pull from the center without creating snags or knots. The yarn spins around smoothly within the bowl as you work. With a 7 inch diameter and 4 inch height, this bowl is an ideal size for medium to large yarn cakes and skeins.

Easy Dispensing Without Drag or Snags

A wide, smooth rim allows yarn to be fed out effortlessly. The rosewood construction prevents friction and snagging. The weighted base also stops the bowl from shifting around or toppling over. You can keep crocheting or knitting without constant interruptions to untangle yarn.

Display Beautifully in Any Room

When not in use, the METLUMBER yarn bowl displays elegantly on its own as a decorative art piece. The fusion of natural wood with colorful resin makes this a statement accent in any room. Place it on the coffee table, bookshelf, cabinet or desk. Let it hold your latest crochet or knitting project on display. The unique pattern and colors spark conversation.

Handcrafted with Care

Each METLUMBER yarn bowl is lovingly handcrafted using natural materials and artistic techniques perfected through years of experience. The artisans shape and carve the rosewood, hand-burn each fractal pattern, mix custom resin colors, polish to perfection and inspect every detail before sending to you.

The Perfect Gift for Yarn Crafters

Know someone who loves to crochet, knit or craft with yarn? The METLUMBER Wooden Yarn Bowl makes a thoughtful, useful gift for the artisan in your life. It shows you appreciate their hobby and want to make it more enjoyable. The beautiful presentation also makes it suitable for any occasion – birthdays, holidays, coworker gifts and more.

Love Your Purchase or Your Money Back

We stand behind the quality craftsmanship and functionality of our wooden yarn bowls. That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with this product, simply contact us for a full refund or replacement.

Give the yarn crafter in your life – or yourself – the gift of tangle-free crocheting and knitting. Bring home the handcrafted beauty of the METLUMBER Wooden Yarn Bowl today.


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