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MeyaGo Cross Stitch Roll Clips – 15 Piece Set Holds Fabric Securely for Needlework & Embroidery




Tired of your fabric sliding around while you’re trying to cross stitch or embroider? Struggling to keep your work steady? Say goodbye to the headache and hassle with the MeyaGo Cross Stitch Roll Clips!

This handy 15 piece set includes 5 small, 5 medium, and 5 large fabric grips to hold your cloth securely in place for flawless stitching every time. The easy-grip clamps keep your fabric taut and prevent sliding, slipping, or bunching up, so you can fully focus on the joy of crafting.

Firmly Holds Fabric of All Sizes

Whether you’re working on a small embroidered handkerchief or a king sized cross stitch bedspread, these fabric roll clips have you covered. The 3 sizes ensure a custom fit for any project. Simply position on your fabric, squeeze the padded handles, and your material will be held in a tight secure grip.

The strong spring-loaded clips exert steady even pressure across your fabric so no corners or edges poke up. Say goodbye to repositioning and straightening! The smooth flat jaws prevent snags, pulls, or damage too.

Sturdy & Built to Last

Crafted from durable plastic with stainless steel springs, these roll clips are made to withstand repeated use. The molded finger grips provide a comfortable, non-slip hold for easy opening and closing.

Built with quality materials, they have the stamina to clamp and unclamp time and again without losing their grip strength. Whether you stitch for hours on end or pick up projects sporadically, you can trust these clips to serve you well for years to come.

Clutter-Free Storage

Between needles, threads, pattern books, and swatches of fabric, craft rooms have a way of accumulating clutter. That’s why we designed our roll clips to store neatly together in one compact case.

When playtime is over, simply release the clips and fit them snugly back into the included plastic carrying case. There are molded slots for each size clip, keeping the set organized and preventing any fromgetting misplaced.

The entire collection can then be tucked into a drawer, kit, or craft cabinet – ready for your next creative endeavor. No more chaotic searching or scrambled piles of supplies!

Take Your Stitching Anywhere

The slim, lightweight case was made for portability and travels perfectly in your handbag, tote, or suitcase. Wherever stitching takes you, your roll clips can come too.

Heading on vacation? Toss them in your luggage so you can embroider beachside. Have some downtime at the office? De-stress with fabric crafts during your break. With the carrying case at your side, you’ll always be ready to get crafty!

Ideal for Any Fabric Handicraft

Though specially designed with needleworkers in mind, the functionality of these roll clips lend themselves nicely to an array of fabric crafts and hobbies including:

  • Sewing
  • Quilting
  • Weaving
  • Macrame
  • Lace making
  • Beadwork
  • Jewelry making
  • Knitting
  • Crochet
  • DIY Crafts

Anytime you need an extra hand holding your fabric taut, these clips are on the job. No project is too large or too small.

Experience the Joy of Uninterrupted Stitching

Forget pinning down wayward corners or struggling to grip bunched up wads of fabric. With the MeyaGo Cross Stitch Roll Clips, simply secure your material, grab your needle, and enjoy hours of peaceful, perfectly taut stitching ahead.

We stand behind our clips with a 100% lifetime guarantee too. We want crafters to have the very best experience possible while enjoying their passions. If you ever have an issue, just contact us for a replacement, no questions asked.

Bring ease and convenience back to your needlework. Click “Add to Cart” now to get the MeyaGo Cross Stitch Roll Clips for your tool kit!


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