Natural Tanned Rabbit Fur in Versatile 10″ x 12″ Size – Sewing Quality Gray Rabbit Hide for Crafting




This beautiful real rabbit fur pelt provides you with a versatile 10 by 12 inch section of thick, soft gray fur. It’s the perfect size for a wide range of fur crafts and sewing projects.

The fur has been tanned into a soft leather backing, making it durable for sewing. This high quality rabbit hide is thicker and fluffier than many faux furs. With proper care, it will last for years to come.

Natural, Eco-Friendly Material

This fur comes from domestic rabbits and is a byproduct of the meat industry. No animals were harmed solely for their fur. The fur is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

These rabbit hides are never dyed. Each one has its own unique natural gray tones that range from a dark charcoal gray to a frosty medium gray. This gives your project a beautiful real fur look.

Many Uses for Sewing and Crafts

With a handy 10 by 12 inch size, this rabbit fur piece lends itself to all types of projects:

  • Line hoods, collars, hats, mittens, and boots
  • Accent coats, vests, and jackets
  • Craft plush stuffed animals
  • Make cozy pillows or decorative throws
  • Sew doll clothes, purses, and decorative patches
  • Add fur pom poms and tassels to clothing and accessories
  • Make furry keychains, scarves, and gloves

The leather backing creates a durable edge so the fur won’t shed excessively. It also allows you to easily sew the fur into any kind of project.

Compared to faux fur, this real rabbit fur is thicker and fluffier. It provides excellent insulation against winter cold. The fur fibers are also very soft to the touch.

Tips for Working with Real Fur

Here are some tips for handling real rabbit fur:

  • Use sharp scissors to prevent tearing or uneven cuts
  • Pin pieces with the leather side facing out to avoid poking holes in the fur
  • Set iron to low heat if sealing edges or appliques
  • Hand stitch edges using a whip stitch if not machine sewing
  • Avoid overstretching and let fur pieces drape naturally
  • Pick out any debris trapped in the fur using tweezers or a seam ripper
  • Brush gently using a pet brush or comb to fluff up the fur and remove loose bits

With proper care, this gray rabbit fur will bring beautiful texture, warmth and luxury to any sewing, knitting or crafting project.

Natural Variations

Each rabbit fur hide has its own unique variations since they are not dyed or treated. Possible variations include:

  • Shades of gray ranging from charcoal to frosted medium grays
  • Slight color mottling in some areas
  • Subtle cowlicks that brush out easily
  • Minor leather blemishes or scuffs
  • Slight differences in pelt sizes

These natural variations add realism and visual interest to your finished project. No two pelts will be exactly the same!

Luxurious, Cruelty-Free Real Fur

This rabbit fur combines the softness and luxury expected from real fur, while also being ethically sourced as a byproduct of the meat industry.

With its versatile 10 by 12 inch size and sewing-friendly leather backing, this natural fur is perfect for makers, crafters and sewing enthusiasts. Unleash your creativity to make unique fur accessories, clothing, crafts and more!


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