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Petoss Friendship Bracelet Kit – 96 Vibrant Colors, 14,400 Clay Beads, 640 Charms & 390 Letter Beads for Endless Jewelry Making Possibilities




Friendship knows no bounds, and with this expansive clay bead bracelet kit from Petoss, you and your besties can commemorate your special bonds while unleashing your inner jewelry artist.

With a kaleidoscope of 96 brilliant colors and over 14,400 clay beads, you’ll enjoy endless options for mixing, matching and designing stackable bracelets and bead chains that showcase your unique style.

The included charms and letter beads add a personalized touch, while the handy jewelry making tools empower you to assemble professional looking pieces you’ll love wearing and sharing.

Create Meaningful Gifts Filled with Love & Memories

Few things compare to the joy of handcrafting a beautiful piece of jewelry for someone special. With this clay bead kit, you can invent one-of-a-kind bracelets, necklaces and anklets that will be treasured as heartfelt symbols of your friendship.

Use the birthstones, initials or favorite colors of the recipient to make it extra meaningful. Or collaborate to design matching pieces you can both wear to celebrate the memories you share.

The process of creating these keepsakes together will be just as memorable as the finished products.

96 Brilliant Colors for Mix, Match & Customization

With a spectrum of 96 vivid hues, you’ll have an endless palette to help your jewelry designs come alive.

The diverse selection includes must-have metallics like silver, gold and copper plus an array of jewel tones, pastels, neons, earth tones and more. You’ll also get all your favorite Christmas colors to help your holiday gifts pop.

The compartmentalized case keeps each shade separate so you can easily grab the perfect colors for your creations without sorting through mixed up beads.

Personalized with Charms, Letters & More

In addition to the vibrant clay beads, this kit includes a variety of charms and letter beads so you can add a personal touch to your bracelets and chains.

The 640 silver and gold charms feature hearts, flowers, butterflies, stars, moons, and other whimsical shapes to decorate your pieces.

Use the 390 alphabetical letter beads to spell out names, words or phrases that have special meaning.

Let your unique personality shine through in the custom details you add to your handmade jewelry designs.

Complete Crafting Toolkit for Jewelry Making

This kit comes with everything you need to start creating right away:

– 14,400 Clay Beads in 96 Brilliant Colors
– 640 Silver & Gold Charms
– 390 Alphabet Letter Beads
– 2 Rolls of Clear Elastic Cord
– Plastic Tweezers
– Mini Scissors
– Separate Bead Cases for Organization

The handy tools and ample supplies empower you to assemble professional looking finished pieces without running to the craft store for more materials.

Easy-to-follow instructions are also included to guide you through the basics of jewelry assembly for beginners.

Thoughtful Gifts for Jewelry Lovers & Crafters

Do you have a jewelry or crafting enthusiast in your life? This clay bead set makes a fabulous gift!

The high-quality case with bonus bead organizers shows thoughtfulness, while the expansive variety of materials empowers their jewelry making creativity.

Beautiful gift packaging adds a festive touch, perfect for birthdays, holidays and more. Spark joy in someone special while inspiring their inner artist.

Let this inspiring and empowering jewelry making kit open up new avenues of friendship, bonding and self-expression!


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