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plobiba 60oz Candle Wax Melting Pot – Electric Wax Warmer with Rotary Temperature Control




Experience the joy of candle making with this versatile 60oz wax melting pot from plobiba! The electric wax warmer allows you to safely and efficiently melt candle wax for pouring candles, wax melts, or other DIY projects. Precise temperature control prevents overheating while giving you the ideal wax consistency. Start creating candles and wax-based gifts with this high-quality wax melting pot!

Superior Temperature Control

Achieve the perfect melted wax texture every time with the built-in rotary switch. Simply turn the knob to adjust temperatures from 150-284°F. Low heat is ideal for melting gel wax or mixing fragrance oils without burning. Higher heat quickly liquefies harder paraffin and soy waxes. The indicator light lets you monitor when the wax is fully melted and ready for pouring.

Durable Stainless Steel Design

This melting pot features heavy-duty 18/8 stainless steel construction for longevity and easy cleaning. The stainless steel won’t react with wax, maintaining your wax’s intended fragrance and color. It’s also rust-resistant and does not retain old wax smells or stains over time.

The exterior handle stays cool while the pot heats wax, allowing for safe pouring. The non-stick interior also prevents wax residue buildup for effortless cleanup.

Large 60oz Capacity

The spacious 60oz capacity accommodates up to five pounds of wax cubes, flakes, or blocks. This substantial volume enables melting larger batches for increased candle production. The wider melting pot is also ideal when using wax dye blocks that require more surface area to diffuse.

Use the melting pot to create multitudes of candles, from votives and tarts to large pillars and containers. Pour enough wax for several projects without needing constant reheating.

Perfect for All Candle Making

This versatile wax warmer handles all types of waxes with ease. Safely melt soy, paraffin, beeswax, gel wax, and more without scorching or smoking. The integrated 600W heating element brings wax to a liquid state at just the right rate.

Maintain wax integrity by not overheating the mixture. Adjust to lower temperatures when adding fragrance oils or dye to prevent fading. The melting pot pours smoothly every time for flawless candles.

Make Wax Melts & More!

In addition to candles, use this wax warmer for creating wax melts, tarts, embeds, and other hot pour projects. The precise temperature control lets you combine wax, colors, and scents without separation.

Simply warm the wax to 185-200°F and mix in oil fragrance up to 2 oz per pound of wax. Pour into silicone molds to make melt tarts and wax melter packs. Use molds to make wax shapes to embed in candle tops.

Safety Features

Designed with the candle maker’s safety in mind, this electric wax melting pot has several protective features. The stay-cool handle prevents burns from hot metal. The non-stick surface keeps wax from sticking as it heats. The rotating switch with light indicates when wax is melted.

In case of overheating, the pot will automatically shut off for safety. Rounded interior corners make pouring easier and prevent wax buildup. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your electric wax warmer is built for safe operation.

Get Started with Candle Making

Everything you need for foolproof wax melting is here in this complete kit. The 60oz melting pot enables high-volume candle production right away. Add silicone molds, fragrance oils, and dye blocks to expand your candle crafting capabilities.

With the right starter equipment, candle making is easy, fun, and rewarding. Let your candle passion shine bright with this electric wax melting pot kit from plobiba!

What’s Included

  • 60oz stainless steel melting pot
  • Electric warming plate with rotary temperature dial
  • On/off indicator light
  • Non-stick Interior
  • Cool-touch exterior handle
  • Overheat auto shut-off protection


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