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Poen 1500 Pcs Pipe Cleaners Bulk 30 Colors DIY Chenille Stems Arts Crafts Decor




Unleash your creativity with this mega pack of 1500 pipe cleaners in 30 vibrant colors! With Poen’s massive bulk set, you’ll have tons of flexible and colorful crafting materials to twist, bend, and shape into fun DIY projects.

This huge bundle includes:

  • 500 glitter pipe cleaners in 10 sparkly colors like ruby red, sapphire blue, and diamond white. These add a dash of shine to all your arts and crafts!
  • 1000 solid color pipe cleaners in 20 vivid hues like lemon yellow, lime green, and berry pink. From primary colors to pastels, you get a spectrum of shades to choose from.

At 12 inches long, these fuzzy chenille stems have plenty of length to wrap, curl, and tie into creative crafts. Just use your imagination, dexterity, and a dash of glue to shape them into:

  • Whimsical woodland creatures like owls, foxes, and raccoons
  • Wiggly worms, butterflies, and seasonal characters
  • Flowers, letters, holiday decorations, and more!

The pipe cleaner bundles are made of quality iron wire covered in soft, brightly dyed fibers that are flexible and sturdy enough for shaping. Yet the materials are safe, non-toxic, and meet art supply standards.

With 1500 pieces, the entire family can join in the crafting fun! Kids will love twisting these into fun shapes and characters. Pipe cleaners help develop fine motor skills and creativity. They’re perfect for:

  • Kid crafts and DIY projects
  • STEM education and school art supplies
  • Party favors, holiday decorations, and handmade gifts
  • Occupying busy hands during road trips or rainy days

Grown-ups can utilize these colorful chenille stems for more advanced crafts like wreaths, flowers, baskets, jewelry, and more! They’re the ideal addition to any art closet or craft room.

Set Includes:
– 500 glitter pipe cleaners (10 colors x 50 pieces each)
– 1000 solid color pipe cleaners (20 colors x 50 pieces each)

ASSIGN CREATIVITY AND IMAGINATION: With 30 colors to choose from, kids can create a rainbow of crafts that are unique as they are. The sky’s the limit!
DEVELOP FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Twisting pipe cleaners encourages dexterity and strengthens little hands.

FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE: Made of iron wire and fuzzy fibers, these are bendable without breaking.
VERSATILE MATERIALS: Chenille stems can be shaped into letters, flowers, animals, decorations, jewelry, and more.

SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: Meets art supply standards, so anyone can craft worry-free.

With hundreds of pieces in assorted colors, this mega pack has all you need for unlimited DIY fun. Order Poen’s pipe cleaner bulk set now and let your creativity shine!


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