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Premium Leather Sheets for All Your Leatherworking Projects – 6×12 Inches, 1.8-2.1mm Thick




Craft beautiful leather goods with these high-quality full grain leather sheets. Whether you’re an experienced leatherworker or just starting out in leather crafting, these leather pieces have the durability, workability, and beauty you need to create stylish leather accessories, clothing, bags, holsters, and more.

Supple, Durable, Full Grain Leather

These leather sheets are made from 100% top-grade, full grain cowhide leather for strength and workability. Full grain is the highest quality leather available – it comes from the outermost layer of the hide and contains the entire natural grain. This creates an exceptionally strong and durable leather perfect for leather projects.

The leather has a smooth, tight grain pattern on one side and a soft, suede-like surface on the backside. It offers just the right amount of firmness and flex so you can tool, stamp, dye, stain, and sew your leather pieces without the material distorting. The full grain leather also develops a beautiful patina over time.

Premium Thickness for Leatherworking

Each leather sheet measures 6 x 12 inches and is 1.8-2.1mm thick. This premium thickness provides a sturdy, unbreakable feel so your leather won’t crack or tear easily during tooling and assembly. The durable hide also withstands repeated creasing as you shape the material without weakening.

The thicker hide allows you to use leather working tools to emboss, carve, stamp, or dye the leather without piercing through to the other side. The thickness also enables you to cut the leather into smaller strips or panels without losing durability.

Perfect for Every Leather Crafting Project

These high-quality full grain sheets are designed for virtually any leather craft project you can imagine. Use them to create:

  • Leather wallets
  • Handbags, messenger bags, backpacks
  • Watch bands, bracelets, and other leather jewelry
  • Phone cases, eyeglass cases, or pouches
  • Notebook covers, journals, and binding projects
  • Leather belts, straps, holsters, and sheaths
  • Saddles, bridles, reins, and other equestrian gear
  • Leather boots, shoes, gloves, jackets, and clothing
  • Furniture upholstery in leather
  • Leather home decor – coasters, placemats, pillows
  • Pet collars, leashes, toys, and accessories
  • Cosplay and Renaissance faire costumes
  • Armor, shields, scabbards, and accessories for LARP and reenactments
  • Steampunk goggles, cuffs, belts, etc.

With the right leatherworking tools, you can craft virtually anything out of these leather sheets. The possibilities are endless!

High-Quality Leather for Years of Use

These full grain cowhides are carefully selected and processed to remove imperfections and flaws. This results in smooth, blemish-free leather with consistent color and grain pattern across every square inch.

The hides are tanned and finished using non-toxic methods that help the leather last for years of regular use without deteriorating, drying out, or becoming misshapen. Every sheet has a rich, luxurious feel and subtle leather aroma right out of the packaging.

Over time, the high-quality leather develops a patina that only increases the vintage charm of your leather goods. And with proper care, your finished leather projects will become heirlooms passed down for generations.

Versatile Sizes for Large and Small Projects

The 6 x 12 inch leather sheets allow you to create both large and small projects. Use them individually for smaller items like wallets, wrist cuffs, eyeglass cases. Or join multiple pieces together for larger bags, briefcases, and clothing.

You can also easily cut the hides into smaller strips or panels. Every project will benefit from starting with these premium pre-cut sizes. It eliminates the need to purchase whole hides and manually cut pieces to size.

Leatherworking Supplies for Any Skill Level

These leather sheets are perfect for beginners just starting out in leather crafting. The durable full grain material is forgiving to work with as you perfect your skills. Yet the quality also meets the high standards of professional leather artisans.

Use these leather pieces for:

  • Practice Tooling Techniques – Try out different tools to stamp, carve, impression, emboss, burnish and texture your leather without worrying about mistakes.
  • Testing Dyes, Paints, Finishes – Evaluate how different treatments look on the full grain leather before using them on important projects.
  • Sample Joinery or Stitching – Make test seams, edges, welts, bindings, incisions, holes that you can reuse on final products.
  • Build Skills and Confidence – As you gain experience working with this high-grade leather, you’ll hone your skills before crafting more expensive pieces.

Even skilled leatherworkers appreciate having quality leather sheets on-hand for making samples, trying new techniques, and creating one-off items. It eliminates waste from cutting pieces from larger hides.

Tips for Working with Leather Sheets

To get the most life and durability out of your leather sheets:

  • Store unused sheets flat in a moisture controlled environment away from direct sunlight. This prevents curling, drying, mold, and other damage.
  • Use aSkuas or cutting board to prevent damaging the grain with accidental cuts and scrapes.
  • Apply leather conditioner periodically to finished projects to maintain suppleness and prevent cracking over time.
  • Avoid soaking projects in water. Instead, clean gently with a damp sponge or cloth.
  • For best results stamping and tooling, keep the leather damp with water or saliva while working it.
  • Let pieces dry fully between steps like dyeing, oiling, varnishing to prevent imperfections.

With proper care, your tooled, dyed, and stitched leather items will last for generations to come!

Designed for Leather Artisans Like You

These full grain tooling leather sheets are designed specifically with the needs of leatherworkers in mind. You want high-quality, durable sheets you can craft into beautiful creations without spending a fortune.

That’s why every 6×12 inch sheet is inspected and selected to ensure it meets the needs of professional and hobbyist leather artists. Keep a supply on hand for all your inspiration strikes so you’re never without the perfect leather when creativity hits!

Buy Now with Confidence

We stand 100% behind the quality of these full grain cowhide leather pieces. We offer a satisfaction guarantee because we want you to be absolutely thrilled with these leather sheets.

If you’re not happy for any reason, simply contact us to arrange a refund or replacement. No need to return the product – we trust our leather to exceed your expectations for quality and workability.

We can’t wait to see what unique, handcrafted leather goods you’ll create with these premium tooling leather sheets. From elegant bags to stylish accessories, the possibilities are endless.


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