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RBINITION 80 Colors Dual Tips Art Markers Set – Vibrant Alcohol Markers for Creative Drawing, Sketching, Coloring, Illustration, and More




Unleash your inner artist and bring your creative visions to life with the RBINITION 80 Colors Dual Tips Art Markers Set! This expansive collection includes 80 rich, vibrant alcohol-based markers with dual tips so you can achieve both bold coloring and intricate detailing.

The color-coded caps allow for easy shade identification while preventing the nibs from drying out between uses. The set is conveniently packaged in a durable zippered tote bag with a thick plastic pen holder to keep your markers secure. With RBINITION markers, you’ll have all the tools you need for coloring books, crafting, artwork, manga, posters, glass decorating, and so much more!

Extensive Spectrum of 80 Colors

RBINITION markers provide a huge library of color possibilities. The set includes all the essential primary, secondary, and tertiary shades so you can mix and blend to produce exactly the hues you desire. Vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples and everything in between allow you to recreate realistic landscapes, pop culture characters, mandalas, or any scene you imagine.

These alcohol-based markers contain highly pigmented, lightfast ink formulated to provide striking color saturation without blotchiness or uneven coverage. The markers glide smoothly across your canvas, wood, glass, plastic, metal, paper, rock, and more. The quick-drying permanent ink is also bleed-resistant so you don’t have to worry about smudging.

Dual Tips Offer Detail and Dimension

Each RBINITION marker features a unique dual tip design, with one broad chisel tip and one fine bullet tip on opposite ends.

The chisel tip measures approximately 6mm wide, providing ample surface area for coloring larger spaces efficiently. Fill backgrounds, block letters, and cover intricate patterns with solid, even color.

Flip the marker over to utilize the fine 1mm tip. This narrow point allows you to add smaller details, create dimension, and make precise lines for outlining, writing, doodling, sketching, and more. The fine tip offers superior control for embellishing your designs.

With the combination chisel and bullet tip, you can employ a dynamic range of marker techniques. Both novice artists and seasoned pros will appreciate the versatility.

Alcohol Ink Formulation

RBINITION markers utilize a specialized quick-drying alcohol ink formula that delivers unparalleled performance. The high-volume ink load ensures continuous, uninterrupted coverage without needing to stop and re-saturate your marker.

The ink adheres permanently to porous and non-porous surfaces like paper, plastic, metal, rock, and more. It dries rapidly so you can layer multiple colors without muddiness or bleeding between hues. The finished results are vivid and professional quality.

This alcohol ink is safe, non-toxic, and free of harsh chemicals. It’s safe for use by artists of all ages. The fade-resistant colors retain their original brilliance over time.

Portable Storage for Art Supplies on the Go

Take your RBINITION art markers anywhere creativity strikes! The included zippered tote bag provides secure storage and portability. The durable Oxford canvas bag features a thick durable interior plastic pen holder to prevent jostling and damage during transport.

The storage case keeps your markers organized and protected while saving space in your backpack, luggage, or art cabinet. Closed cell foam padding shields the markers so they arrive ready to use for your next project.

It’s easy to keep your entire marker collection together when traveling, commuting, or using at home. RBINITION markers are ideal art supplies for coloring books, creative hobbies, artwork, crafting, manga drawing, design prototypes, illustrations, murals, clothing embellishments, wine glass painting, and so much more!

Premium Art Markers for All Skill Levels

Unleash creativity, develop artistic skills, and destress through the power of drawing and coloring with RBINITION art markers. These high-quality markers are suitable for amateur artists, kids, college students, creatives, illustrators, manga/comic artists, and other art hobbyists.

The versatile alcohol marker set fosters fun and imagination while building coordination and focus. Make personalized drawings, crafts, home decor items, party props, DIY projects, holiday gifts and more.

Bring your artistic visions to life with vivid color and detail using the RBINITION 80 Colors Dual Tips Art Markers Set today!


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