Simthread 120 Madeira Colors Polyester Embroidery Thread Kit – Vibrant Threads for Decorative Stitching




Discover the vibrant world of embroidery with the Simthread 120 Madeira Colors Polyester Embroidery Thread Kit. This thread set provides a kaleidoscope of 120 brilliant hues perfect for any embroidery or sewing project.

The kit contains 107 standard colors and 13 variegated threads, carefully selected to emulate the iconic Madeira thread palette. From rich jewel tones to pastel shades, the threads produce sharp, clean stitches on any fabric. The colorfast dyes ensure completed projects retain their beauty over time.

Polyester Threads Ideal for Embroidery and Decorative Stitching

Simthread Polyester Embroidery Thread utilizes trilobal polyester filaments to prevent tangling, fraying, and breakage. The round, smooth texture provides ideal seam strength and durability to handle high-speed embroidery without shredding or splitting.

Experience effortless sewing and neat, professional results stitch after stitch. The polyester construction offers superior elasticity compared to other fibers like rayon or cotton. This allows completed designs to retain shape without puckering or distortion.

Not only is this thread perfect for elaborate machine embroidery, but it also excels at decorative stitching. Quilters will love the vivid hues and ability to achieve intricate free-motion and detailed machine quilting.

Vibrant, Colorfast Dyes

The Madeira-matched colors ensure excellent compatibility with existing Madeira thread palettes and project guides. Simthread Polyester Embroidery Thread takes color inspiration from the Madeira classics but engineers the shades using cutting-edge dyes.

The colorfast pigments integrate deeply into the polyester fibers to deliver long-lasting vibrancy that resists fading with washing or exposure to light. Completed embroidered apparel, quilted linens, crafted gifts and more will maintain bold, lively hues even after years of use.

Superior Stitch Quality for Any Project

This embroidery thread is designed for smooth performance on computerized, home, and commercial machines. Brands like Brother, Baby Lock, Singer, Janome, and Bernina embroider flawlessly without jumps, breaks or needle jams.

The polyester construction provides more give and flexibility compared to cotton threads, preventing puckered seams on knit fabrics. Drape and stretch are maintained for comfortable finished garments. Simthread glides gently through the tension system and produces clean, accurate stitching on everything from high-count cottons to silky satins.

Quilters will delight in the wide selection of colors perfect for free-motion and detailed piecing. Sew garment seams, add decorative topstitching, attach appliques or create one-of-a-kind embellished accessories. This thread handles any project imaginable.

Bonus Tools for Embroidery Success

To maximize convenience, the set includes bonus pre-wound bobbins in black and white. Easily match any color palette and skip lengthy bobbin winding. Refer to the included thread conversion chart to substitute Simthread colors for Madeira classics. Achieve the results you want effortlessly.

Stock your embroidery supplies with the versatile, high-quality Simthread 120 Madeira Colors Polyester Embroidery Thread Kit. With vibrant dyes, premium polyester construction, and tons of colors, you’ll be ready to stitch your next masterpiece.


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