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Stamped Embroidery Starter Kit – Feather Dream Hoop Art for Beginners




Discover the joy of embroidery with this beginner-friendly stamped embroidery starter kit. This all-inclusive set has everything you need to start stitching beautiful works of art, even if you’ve never embroidered before.

Included in the kit is a high-quality cotton canvas pre-printed with a whimsical feather design. The greyscale pattern makes it easy for beginners to follow the stamping and visualize the end result. Simply trace the lines with the colorful floss and watch your art come to life stitch by stitch. The intricate plumage of the feathers creates stunning dimension and texture.

The 12.5cm hoop keeps your fabric taut for frustration-free stitching. An included screwdriver lets you adjust the tightness as needed. Two sizes of needles and six skeins of cotton embroidery floss in vivid hues like magenta, turquoise, and gold allow you to bring diverse colors into your feathered artwork.

A set of simplified instructions breaks the embroidery process down into easy-to-follow steps. It guides you through thread handling, basic stitches like the stem stitch and satin stitch, and finishing. Even if you’ve never hand embroidered before, you’ll be able to create something beautiful by following the directions.

Display your finished hoop art on the wall, or remove the inner hoop and place the embroidery in a frame. This kit makes a meaningful DIY gift for a crafty friend. Share an artistic afternoon with your daughter stitching feather designs and making memories together. It’s also a wonderful introduction to embroidery for teenagers and adults.

The possibilities are endless with this versatile starter set. Remove the pre-printed design and use the kit supplies to embroider freehand. Try stitching inspirational words, floral motifs, or abstract patterns.

With its whimsical style and beginner-friendly design, this stamped embroidery kit has everything you need to start your hand embroidery journey. The included pattern and instructions will give you the skills and confidence to translate colorful floss into beautiful artwork.

Product Details:

– 12.5cm (5″) embroidery hoop
– Screwdriver for adjusting hoop tension
– Pre-stamped 22.5 x 22.5cm (9″ x 9″) cotton canvas
– 2 embroidery needles
– 6 skeins of cotton embroidery floss
– Easy-to-follow instructions

Beautiful & Beginner-Friendly

Starting a new hobby like embroidery can be daunting, but this starter kit is designed specifically with beginners in mind. The high-quality cotton canvas comes pre-printed with a beautiful feather design in greyscale. This stamped pattern acts as a guide, letting you simply trace the lines as you stitch.

You’ll be able to create a stunning work of art as you learn fundamental embroidery skills. The included instructions break down each step, from threading your needle to knotting your last stitch. Even if you’ve never hand embroidered before, you’ll gain confidence working on this pre-printed design.

Premium Materials for Frustration-Free Stitching

Cheap kits can lead to disappointment, but this set is packed with premium materials that make embroidering enjoyable. The 100% cotton canvas has a nice tight weave with an ideal amount of stiffness. It holds the floss stitches well without distortion. The embroidery hoop keeps your fabric taut in its wooden inner and outer rings.

The screwdriver lets you adjust the tightness by sealing the inner hoop against the outer frame. This prevents the fabric from loosening as you stitch. No more struggling to keep your work gripped in a flimsy hoop!

The floss is composed of soft cotton threads that easily glide through the canvas weave. The needles have sharp points but won’t shred the threads. Together these high-quality supplies deliver a frustration-free embroidering experience.

Vibrant Floss for Dimensional Designs

Six skeins of cotton embroidery floss allow you to bring diverse shades into your artwork. The colors include:

– Hot Pink – Vibrant magenta adds energy
– Turquoise – Cool blue-green for visual depth
– Sunset Orange – Warm golden tones
– Mint – Soft green with a fresh feel
– Lilac – Light purple lends a subtle pop
– Sunflower – Bright yellow creates striking accents

Follow the guide on the printed canvas to fill in the feather silhouette with dimension and color. Accent with different hues to make details like the shaft and barbs pop. The shading possibilities are endless!

Hang Your Hoop Art with Pride

Once your embroidery is complete, there are a couple different ways to display your artwork. For a modern wall hanging, keep the fabric framed in the wooden hoop. The round shape adds great visual interest. Or you can remove the inner ring and place the embroidery in a picture frame.

However you choose to show it off, your finished feather embroidery will brighten any room. This DIY piece makes a thoughtful handmade gift for artistic friends. Share the creating experience with your daughter, mom, or grandma.

Proudly display your beginner embroidery project as inspiration to keep practicing your newfound stitching skills!

Embroidery for All Skill Levels

Crafty people of all ages will find satisfaction stitching the fanciful feather design. This starter kit offers an enjoyable introduction to embroidery for:

– Teens: A rewarding screen-free activity that builds confidence through creating.

– Beginners: The stamped pattern and instructions guide you through the embroidery process from start to finish.

– Kids: A perfect starter set for learning embroidery stitches. Coordinate colors with mom or grandma as a bonding experience.

– Experienced crafters: Use the high-quality kit supplies to embroider freehand designs.

Give your hands and mind an artistic break from digital screens. Watch Netflix or listen to podcasts as you make fluid strokes with colorful threads. Transform blank canvas into a personal masterpiece with this premium stamped embroidery kit!


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