Super Soft Shaggy Faux Fur Fabric Squares for Crafting




Add a luxurious touch of texture and coziness to your craft projects with these super soft and fluffy faux fur fabric squares. Each square measures 20 x 20 inches, giving you plenty of luscious fur to work with for all kinds of homemade creations.

The long, shaggy 2.7-3.2 inch pile height makes these furry squares perfect for mimicking real fur. Construct incredibly lifelike animal costumes, Gnomes, Yetis, stuffed animals, and more. Or use it by the yard to line hoods and collars, make novelty handbags, or cover throw pillows and chair cushions.

With the soft ivory white color, this faux fur fabric will add a modern touch to any DIY project. Use it to make holiday Gnomes and snowmen decorations. Cut furry Christmas stockings out of it or line gift basket interiors. Craft a luxurious furry tree skirt or make Santa suits with beards and trim.

For home decor, imagine covering a plain stool to create a posh fur pouf. Use squares to make an accent throw blanket or frame them in shadow boxes for beautiful textured wall art. Line baskets and storage bins or make one-of-a-kind floor cushions and giant novelty slippers.

Superior Quality Materials

These faux fur squares are meticulously constructed from 80% acrylic and 20% polyester fibers. The combination creates a high-quality plush fur with a soft, pleasant touch. It has the cozy feel of real fur without the high cost or ethical concerns.

The durable fibers are designed to retain their shape and texture through many handwashes. Faux fur is also resistant to shedding and pilling compared to real fur. Your creations will maintain their fabulous fluffiness for many years of enjoyment!

Easy to Work With & Cut

This soft acrylic and polyester fur fabric is very beginner-friendly! It cuts smoothly with fabric scissors without fraying at the edges. The fur fibers have a bit of stretch and give to make sewing, gluing, and stiffening easier. Use hot glue, hand or machine stitching, fabric stiffener spray, and more – anything goes!

The fur can also be trimmed to customize the pile length and shape as desired. Shape beard and boot cuffs on Gnomes, trimSanta’s hat fur, or create animal tails, ears, and facial features. With a bit of sculpting, you can achieve very realistic effects. Let your imagination run wild!

Endless Crafting Possibilities

With its supreme softness and flexible handling, this faux fur is perfect for all kinds of arts, crafts, costumes, clothing, and DIY projects. Here are just a few ideas to spark your creativity:

– Gnomes, Holiday Decorations & Crafts
– Stuffed Animals & Pet Toys
– Rugs, Pillows & Furniture Covers
– Winter Hats, Gloves, Boots & Clothing
– Keychains, Ornaments, Jewelry Charms
– Nursery & Kids Room Decor
– Purses, Bags, Pouches & Accessories
– Headbands, Scarves, Shawls & Accessories
– Picture Frames & Wall Hangings
– Party Decorations & Photo Booth Props

Tips for Best Results

– Store flat until ready to use to avoid compression lines
– Gently fluff and brush pile to restore fluffiness
– Use fabric stiffener spray if a fuller, more sculpted look is desired
– For clothing and costumes, use fabric glue and stitching to attach
– Handwash gently and air dry flat to maintain soft texture
– Avoid direct heat which may damage the fibers over time

Luxuriously Soft Fur Squares for Endless DIY Potential

Refresh your craft stash with these supremely soft and plush faux fur fabric squares. With its long, indulgent pile, brilliant white color, and quality construction, this fur fabric is extremely versatile for homemade projects. Simply cut and sew pieces together to create larger blankets, rugs, and clothing items. Or use the handy 20×20 inch squares as is for pillows, stuffies, wall art, and more. With proper care, your furry creations will stay beautiful for years to come. Add a touch of luxury to your next DIY project with theseeasy-to-use faux fur squares!


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