Take Your Embroidery to the Next Level with These Must-Have Fabric Clamps




Embroidery and cross stitching is so much easier and more precise when your fabric is held taut and in place. Avoid frustration and create a more polished finished project with this set of 5 embroidery clamps.

Hassle-Free Fabric Hooping

Trying to keep fabric straight and tight in a hoop can be a constant struggle. The fabric shifts and slackens as you reposition the hoop while working on your design. Before you know it – the fabric is loose and puckered.

These embroidery clamps take the place of a hoop and provide an easier, hassle-free way to keep fabric taut. Simply secure the corners and edges of the fabric with the clamps on a flat surface. No messing with hoops! The fabric remains fixed in place allowing your stitches to glide smoothly.

Sturdy Yet Smooth Plastic Construction

The clamps are constructed of durable plastic with a smooth finish that won’t snag or pull delicate fabrics. The molded plastic gives the clamps stability so they can grip fabric firmly without bending or losing their hold.

Despite the sturdy construction, the clamps are lightweight and slim. Easily position and move the clamps as needed while working on your design. The compact size takes up little space.

Suitable for All Types of Embroidery and Needlework

Whether you’re cross stitching, embroidering, or doing other needlework these clamps are ideal for keeping your fabric taut. The slim, non-intrusive profile lets you easily stitch in tight and detailed areas without the clamp getting in the way.

Use the embroidery clamps when sewing patches and appliques so the fabric doesn’t shift or pucker. Keep edges straight and flat. The clamps are also great for hemming and mending projects where accuracy is important.

Includes 5 Clamps for Small and Large Projects

A set of 5 embroidery clamps ensures you have enough to secure small and large projects. Use just 2-3 clamps for hooping fabric in small hoops. For large hoops or frames, you can secure all 4 corners and edges with the clamps.

The versatile set gives you clamps for multiple projects going at once so you don’t have to unclamp and reposition clamps each time you switch projects.

Portable Size for Use Anywhere

The compact size makes these embroidery clamps easy to store and take anywhere you want to work on embroidery projects. Keep a set in your sewing room, embroidery bag, craft bag and even take them on trips.

Wherever you have an embroidery project in progress, you’ll have these clamps handy to provide firm, fixed fabric.

Get More Precise and Professional Results

Messy, uneven embroidery is frustrating and leaves you less than thrilled with the finished project. Proper hooping makes all the difference in getting professional looking results you’ll love proudly displaying and gifting.

These clamps prevent distorted, puckered embroidery by keeping fabric taut. Your stitches will be smooth and even no matter how long it takes to complete a project.

Embroider More Comfortably for Hours

Constantly re-adjusting a hoop strains your hands, shoulders and back. The fixed fabric you get from these embroidery clamps eliminates the need for constant hoop adjustments.

With fabric securely clamped instead of hooped, you can embroider for hours without discomfort. Your hands and body are free to focus on stitching not wrestling with a hoop.

Designed for Any Crafter Who Loves Embroidery and Cross Stitch

Even if you’re new to embroidery and cross stitching, these beginner friendly clamps provide an easy way to keep fabric taut for better results. Experienced embroiderers will appreciate the convenience of ditching hoops and the precise results from fixed fabric.

The clamps make lovely gifts for any crafter who enjoys embroidery, cross stitch, sewing and needlework. Give them to a mom, grandmother, sister, or friend that loves crafting.

Pretty Home Decor in Less Time

Create beautiful embroidered pillows, wall hangings, tea towels and other home decor in a fraction of the time thanks to the firm, fixed fabric these clamps provide.

Your stitches and designs will have the polished, professional look that makes hand embroidered items so special compared to factory made products.

Give Your Embroidery Projects the Care and Precision They Deserve

Frustrated with fighting to keep fabric taut in hoops? Ready to see the difference proper fabric framing makes in your finished embroidery? Then grab these embroidery clamps and don’t look back! Your projects will look and feel so much more rewarding when stitches glide smoothly across fixed fabric.


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