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Transform Your Crafting with Caydo Adhesive Felt Sheets




Give your arts and crafts projects a professional finish with Caydo Adhesive Back Felt Sheets. These high-quality felt sheets come with a sticky backing that lets you apply them easily to any surface. At 1.6 mm thick, they provide a smooth, luxurious texture for enhancing your handmade creations.

With 6 sheets in A4 size (8.3 x 11.8 inches), you’ll have plenty of material for all your crafting needs. The self-adhesive felt eliminates the need for glue or other adhesives. Just peel off the backing paper and press the felt sheet in place. The strong adhesive keeps it firmly adhered as you work.

Limitless Possibilities for Arts, Crafts & More

Caydo felt sheets open up a world of possibilities for creative projects. Use them to cover boxes, trays, frames, journals, and more. Wrap wine bottles, vases or other curved surfaces without creasing. Cut out shapes to make felt appliques for fabric projects. Layer colors for a striking dimensional effect.

The soft black color provides an elegant backdrop for decor items, jewelry, accessories and seasonal crafts. Add sparkle with metallic trims, acrylic gems or glitter. Showcase your stitching on stunning black felt. Make stained glass or mosaic designs by gluing colored tissue paper. Use glitter glues and dimensional paints to create one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Hassle-Free Application

Unlike traditional craft felt, Caydo Adhesive Backed Felt Sheets stick quickly and smoothly to most surfaces. Just peel away the backing paper and press down firmly. There’s no need for fabric glue, spray adhesive or double-sided tape.

The high-tack adhesive keeps the felt sheet in place during handling and working. It won’t loosen or peel up when cutting, stitching, or embellishing your projects. Yet the felt can be repositioned if needed during the first few minutes before the adhesive sets.

Apply adhesive felt on wood, metal, glass, painted surfaces, ceramics, plastic, paper, cardboard, photos, fabrics, canvas, wreaths, frames, styrofoam—just about anything. It won’t damage or leave a residue on the surface underneath.

Durable & Reusable

Caydo adhesive backed felt stands up to repeated use. It remains flexible so it won’t crack or split when bending around edges or curved objects. The felt retains its soft texture even after washing, allowing you to reuse it for other projects.

If the felt gets dusty, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth. To remove it, gently peel up one corner slowly. The adhesive will release from smooth, clean surfaces and leave no sticky residue behind. Any adhesive remaining on the felt can be reactivated by pressing it back onto the shiny release paper.

Create One-of-a-Kind Crafts

With its quick, versatile bonding, Caydo adhesive felt inspires creative new applications:

Jewelry Making

Cover jewelry trays and gift boxes. Use felt sheets as backing for earrings, pendants, brooches. Cut out bracelet cuffs. Layer felt with craft foam for dimensional embellishments.

Paper Crafting

Make personalized journals, albums, scrapbooks. Add texture to handmade cards and invitations. Design striking backgrounds for stamping, die cuts, stencils.

Sewing & Quilting

Attach felt appliques to tote bags, pillows, t-shirts. Add detail to blankets, placemats, coasters. Use for embroidered felt crafts. Make reusable fabric bows.

Home Décor

Wrap vases, trays, baskets, jars. Cover lampshades, picture frames, candles. Add bright table runners. Decorate planters, wreaths, garlands with cut-out shapes.

Wearable Art

Adorn hats, hair clips, brooches, corsages. Cut iron-on patches and appliques for jackets, totes, jeans. Design one-of-a-kind accessories.

Parties & Holidays

Create decorations for birthdays, showers, Halloween, Christmas. Make custom banners, signs, masks, costume pieces.

High-Quality Adhesive Felt

Caydo craft felt adhesive sheets provide superior versatility for DIY projects and handmade gifts:

– Self-adhesive backing applies smoothly without glue mess
– Long-lasting, heavy-duty adhesion keeps felt securely in place
– Smooth 1.6mm thickness provides luxurious texture
– Soft felt material cuts cleanly for detailed shapes
– Flexible yet durable even with repeated use
– Peels up cleanly without sticky residue
– Reusable when adhesive is reactivated

With its convenient peel-and-stick application, Caydo adhesive felt takes the hassle out of working with traditional craft felt. Discover the amazing possibilities this premium material offers for bringing your creative ideas to life!

Technical Details

– Material: high-quality polyester felt with acrylic adhesive backing
– Color: Black
– Sheet Size: 8.3 x 11.8 inches (21cm x 30cm)
– Thickness: 1.6mm
– Includes: 6 felt sheets

Transform your next arts and crafts project with the ease and versatility of Caydo’s self-adhesive felt sheets. With 6 reusable sheets, you’ll have plenty of rich black felt for home décor, jewelry, sewing, paper crafts, wearable art and more.


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