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Transform Your Crochet and Knitting Creations with the Ultimate Blocking Board Kit




Take your crochet and knitting projects to the next level with the 9.3in Crochet Blocking Board by Crafter’s Paradise. As any fiber artist knows, blocking is the essential final step for ensuring your stitches lie flat and your finished pieces have the shape and drape you desire. With 324 precision spaced holes, our wooden blocking board allows you to block granny squares, reshape edges, assemble pieces, and tweak the sizing of your handmade creations with ease.

Block with Confidence for Perfect Results Every Time

Our blocking board was designed with the crafter in mind. The 9.3 x 9.3 inch size gives you ample room to work on projects of all sizes. The holes are spaced 0.5 inches apart in a grid pattern so you can insert blocking pins securely and line up motifs or pattern repeats flawlessly.

The smooth, sanded oak surface provides the ideal texture for pinning and shaping your pieces. It won’t snag delicate yarns or fibers. The board is also lightweight yet sturdy for portability. Set it on a table or use with the included standing frame to keep your hands free while blocking.

Complete Blocking Kit Has Everything You Need

In addition to the oak blocking board, our set includes:

– 20 stainless steel blocking pins – Sturdy and rust-resistant, they hold your work in place without damaging or discoloring fibers
– 5 large eye needles – Make seam stitches nearly invisible by weaving your yarn tails into the back side of your project
– Standing frame – Frees up your hands so you can shape and smooth your piece hands-free

The convenient storage case keeps all the pieces neatly organized. Take your blocking board on the go to workshops, craft nights, or even blocking on vacation!

Block Crochet and Knitting Projects of All Shapes and Sizes

Our blocking board kit makes quick work of blocking even the largest and most intricate crochet and knitting projects including:

Granny Squares and Motifs: Line up squares and motifs perfectly to assemble blankets or patchwork garments. The 0.5 inch spacing ensures accurate alignment.

Lace: Gently pin out intricate lace stitch patterns to open up the design and highlight each stitch. Prevent delicate lace from stretching out of shape.

Cables: Define each cross-over cable by pinning and shaping with water or steam. Cables will hold their unique textures.

Colorwork: Set Fair Isle and intarsia color patterns in their proper alignment so the design appears crisp and clean.

Garments: Smooth seams, shape necklines and armholes, and adjust lengths and widths to get the perfect custom fit.

Stuffed Toys: Pin and block pieces before sewing to ensure even edges for professional results.

Hats: Neatly shape and dry brims, crowns, and three-dimensional design details.

Premium Materials Built to Last

The Crafter’s Paradise Crochet Blocking Board is crafted from durable oak wood that will provide a lifetime of use. The sanded, sealed surface resists stains, odors, and scratches. Unlike foam boards that quickly get holes and gouges, our wooden board maintains its integrity use after use.

The stainless steel pins won’t bend, break, or leave holes like plastic pins. They provide superior holding strength without damaging delicate project fibers. The standing frame folds down for storage and transport.

The Perfect Handmade Gift for Fiber Artists

Do you have a special crochet or knitting enthusiast in your life? Our deluxe blocking board kit makes a thoughtful gift for birthdays, holidays, Mother’s Day, or any occasion. The handy storage case makes a beautiful presentation.

Any crochet, knitting, or needlework lover will appreciate having premium blocking tools for creating professional, gallery-worthy projects with ease. The blocking board helps beginners learn proper finishing techniques while providing convenience for experienced makers.

Achieve Flawless Results with Effortless Blocking!

Don’t spend hours struggling to get your crochet and knitting pieces perfectly blocked. Our blocking board takes the frustration out of the process so you can reveal the beautiful drape and details of your handmade creations.

Order the complete 9.3in Crochet Blocking Board Kit today and make blocking a breeze! Your next project is waiting.


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