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Transform Your Space with Shimmering Hanging Swirls




Bring a magical atmosphere to your next event with these stunning iridescent hanging swirls. This set of 36 hanging decorations will add a gorgeous pop of pearly radiance wherever you display them.

The brilliant white swirls seem to glow from within, shimmering with rainbow iridescence that catches the light. Suspend these beauties from the ceiling, walls, windows, or doorways to infuse your party with a dreamy resplendence.

Mesmerizing Iridescent Effect

These swirls are specially designed to radiate an eye-catching iridescent sheen. As ambient light hits the swirls, it reflects off the pearly surface and fractures into rainbow hues. The result is a hypnotizing display that seems to change color before your eyes.

Whether you hang them in sunlight, under mood lighting, or anywhere in between, the swirling decorations will shine with ethereal luminosity. Their magical dance of rainbow colors is guaranteed to dazzle your guests.

Shimmering Holographic Design

At the heart of the swirls’ radiant beauty is their unique holographic design. Each 22-inch swirl features two intertwined strands adorned with a holographic coating that gives them their extraordinary gleam.

Just like a hologram, the coating refracts light to produce shape-shifting optical effects. As your guests admire the swirls, they’ll see mesmerizing shifts of rainbow color dance across the surface. It’s a stunning look that will elevate any special occasion.

Durable and Reusable

While these hanging swirls look delicate, their beauty is more than skin deep. Each one is constructed from high-quality PVC that is surprisingly resilient. The material gives the swirls a pleasing lightweight feel while preventing tears.

Once your event ends, carefully detach the swirls and save them for your next soiree. Their durable construction ensures they’ll maintain their lovely sheen even after repeated use. With proper storage, these beauties can brighten parties for years to come.

Easy Hanging for Instant Impact

Transforming your space with these celestial swirls takes just minutes. Each swirl comes ready to hang with a hooked attachment at the top.

Simply remove the swirl from the package, suspend where desired, then watch as your space comes alive with glimmering radiance. Cluster swirls together for a high-impact display, or space them out to sprinkle shards of light around the room.

With 36 swirls included, you’ll have plenty to infuse your space with magical iridescence. Drape them from the ceiling, hang them on walls and doorways, or suspend them from tree branches outdoors. Wherever you display them, these shimmering swirls are sure to dazzle.

Endless Display Possibilities

However you choose to showcase these iridescent beauties, their unique shine is sure to amplify the atmosphere. Here are some enchanting ways to display them:

  • Hang swirls at varying heights across the dance floor or above seating at weddings and receptions. The shifting rainbow colors will enhance the romantic ambiance.
  • Drape swirls around chandeliers, string lights, paper lanterns or balloon arches. Their halo of rainbow reflections will enhance these lights.
  • Brighten up a photo booth backdrop with swirls hung asymmetrically around the frame. Their pearlescent sheen will give photos an ethereal vibe.
  • Cluster swirls on the ceiling above buffet and drink tables at parties for a magical rainbow sparkle effect.
  • Twine swirls around stair railings or suspending them above doorways to create a shimmering entryway effect.

Let your creativity run wild – the possibilities are endless! However you display these radiant swirls, they’ll imbue your space with an unforgettable pearlescent charm.

Ethereal Decor for Any Occasion

Birthdays, weddings, baby showers, graduations, galas, festivals, concerts, holidays – you name the event, these iridescent swirls will provide the perfect decorative touch.

Their heavenly beauty transcends themes and seasons, making them ideal year-round decor. In spring and summer, hang swirls outdoors to complement sunny days and sultry nights. When the weather cools down, they’ll bring warmth and cheer to fall and winter soirees.

Wherever the celebration takes you, these luminous swirls set the scene aglow. Their shimmering hijinks are sure to dazzle guests while creating unforgettable memories.

Transform Your Next Event with Celestial Charm

Take your next party, wedding, or special event to new heights with these marvelous iridescent hanging swirls. Their unique holographic design radiates hypnotic rainbow refractions that will leave your guests spellbound. With 36 magical swirls included, you can infuse any space, indoors or out, with fairytale radiance. Hang them up, sit back, and let their rainbow glow work its dazzling charm!


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