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Ultimate 144 Piece Drawing and Coloring Pencil Set for Artists and Beginners




Unleash your inner artist and unlock a world of creative possibilities with this expansive 144 piece colored pencil set. Jam-packed with every tool you need to take your drawing and coloring to spectacular new heights, this set has everything for artists of all skill levels.

120 Vibrant, Professional Quality Colored Pencils

At the heart of this massive art set are 120 richly pigmented colored pencils, each stamped with its color number for easy identification. The ultra-smooth, high quality cores lay down intense, vivid color that blends beautifully.

With a huge selection of colors to choose from, you’ll have endless options for mixing, matching and shading to create stunning works of art. The rich, non-toxic pigments provide unparalleled color brilliance that won’t fade over time.

Ideal for Shading, Blending and Detail Work

These soft, premium pencils offer excellent laydown and color blending ability. The creamy cores are perfect for shading, graduating colors and blending for seamless transitions. With high break resistance you can sharpen to a fine point for precise detail work.

The vibrant colors mix and layer beautifully to produce remarkable depth and dimension in every drawing. Bring your artworks to life with texture, shadows and lighting effects.

Essential Drawing and Sketching Tools

This colored pencil set includes a range of graphite and charcoal pencils for professional drawing and sketching. Tone your artwork with 12 sketching pencils in useful grades from 5H extra hard to 8B extra soft.

Shape shadows and add dimension with 3 high quality charcoal pencils in soft, medium and hard grades. A 6B graphite pencil is ideal for rich blacks and expressive mark making.

Complete Art Supply Set for Every Task

Along with the pencils, you’ll get 9 top-quality accessories for a complete art set. Sharpen pencils to a fine point with the metal sharpener. Erase mistakes cleanly with the vinyl eraser. Extend small stubs with the pencil extender for continuous use.

The set also includes 3 blending stumps, a sketch pad, sandpaper block and handy pencil case to keep everything organized. With this professional quality kit, you’ll have absolutely everything needed for drawing, coloring, sketching and more!

High Quality Materials Built to Last

Constructed from premium materials like high grade wood and pigment cores, these drawing and coloring supplies are made to perform. The strong, precision crafted wood casing protects the cores yet sharpen to a flawless point every time.

With care, these professional artist-grade pencils will provide years of stunning results. Their high quality lightfast pigments will maintain their original vibrancy for your masterpieces to come.

For Beginners and Experts Alike

Whether you’re just starting on your artistic journey or looking to take your skills to the next level, this comprehensive pencil set has you covered.

The inclusion of every tool and vibrant color empowers beginners to explore their creativity. For more advanced artists, these professional grade supplies will help you create your most stunning, complex works yet.

Ideal for Adult Coloring Books

This colored pencil set is perfectly designed for coloring book fanatics. The huge color selection allows you to color with dazzling realism and zero restrictions. With the ability to mix and blend colors, you can create the exact hues needed to make coloring books come to life.

The soft cores won’t damage pages and sharpen to a fine tip for intricate coloring in the lines. Add professional shading, textures and color gradients that make your finished pages worthy of framing.

Thoughtful Gift for Artists and Hobbyists

Surprise and delight the artist in your life with this incredible all-in-one pencil set. Packed with every essential drawing and coloring supply, this makes a perfect gift for artists and creatives of all ages.

Watch their eyes light up unwrapping the huge selection of vibrant colored pencils and premium art tools. This set will inspire them to create for hours on end!

Designed to Ignite Creativity and Joy

Equipped with every color and tool needed to explore your creative side, this quality art supply set will bring you a world of artistic joy. The superior pencils glide smoothly across the page, helping even novice artists make mini masterpieces.

Let the rainbow of colors spark inspiration to fill notebooks, sketchpads and coloring books with your unique artistic vision. With the right art supplies, creating is pure bliss.

Bring out your inner artist today with this premium 144 piece drawing and coloring pencil set!


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