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Unleash Your Creativity with this Needle Felting Wool Kit – 8 Vibrant Colors for All Your Wool Crafting Needs




Needle felting opens up a world of possibilities to create cute characters, whimsical animals, home decor pieces and more. With this generous kit, you get high-quality wool roving in 8 fun colors to fuel your felting inspiration.

Safe, Soft Wool Roving for Felting and Spinning

The 55g bundles of roving are made from 100% wool for the best felting results. No synthetic fibers are blended in. The wool fibers have a soft, consistent texture that felts smoothly.

The dyed wool roving meets safety standards for use by adults and kids. No harsh chemicals are used. The eco-friendly dyes create vivid hues that won’t bleed or fade.

Each color bundle is wrapped in tissue paper inside the bag to keep the roving clean and organized. The felting wool is a joy to touch and work with.

8 Vibrant Wool Roving Colors

Expand your color options with this generous set of 8 coordinating felting wool colors:

  • Bright green – Vivid lime hue
  • Sunny yellow – Cheerful daisy tone
  • Coral pink – Youthful salmon shade
  • Rich teal – Deep ocean blue/green
  • Pumpkin orange – Warm autumn hue
  • Sky blue – Calming pastel blue
  • Lilac – Soft, feminine purple
  • Chocolate brown – Deep, earthy brown

With this spectrum of colors, you’ll have endless options for mixing and layering to create exactly the shades you want.

Needle Felt Cute Critters, Whimsical Dolls and More

The ultra-soft wool fibers are perfect for sculpting adorable needle felted animals and figures. Needle felting involves repeatedly stabbing the wool with a barbed needle to tangle and condense the fibers. As you work, you can shape intricate forms like animals, gnomes, dolls and more.

Use the brown and white wool to form the body of a cute rabbit, mouse or squirrel. Add the pink for inner ears and coral for arms and legs. The teal and orange make great bird plumage. Shape a gnome’s beard and hair from the yellow wool. The possibilities are endless!

Try Wet Felting for Seamless Fabric

You can also wet felt the roving to create seamless fabric pieces. Lay out the wool fibers in your desired pattern. Spray or soak with warm soapy water. Then rub and agitate the wool to mesh the fibers into felt.

Wet felting is perfect for making bags, purses, hats, slippers and more. Felt your own custom fabrics then cut out and sew together your creations.

Spin Art Yarn in Vibrant Colors

In addition to felting, the roving bundles are ideal for hand spinning your own unique yarns. Draft out the fibers, letting them twist together into a colorful art yarn with flickering hues along the strand. Or spin a solid colored yarn in any shade you like.

You can knit, weave and crochet with your hand-spun yarns to make scarves, hats, sweaters and more. Add whimsical hand-made touches to your knit and crochet projects.

Decorate Clothes, Shoes, Accessories and Home Decor Items

Let your creativity run wild embellishing fabric items. Use needle felting to attach wool shapes and textures to clothing, shoes, bags, pillows and more. Or wet felt right onto the fabric pieces.

Cut and tear roving bits to form funky fringe trims. Felt wool balls and flowers for decorative accents. Add cute needle felted critters or shapes to personalized gifts.

Endless Possibilities for DIY Crafting Fun

With 8 vibrant colors of high-quality wool roving, you have an endless palette to create all kinds of felting and spinning projects. Make cute critters and dolls for kids. Fashion your own bags, scarves, mittens and hats. Deck out clothes and accessories with colorful felted embellishments.

The easy-to-use roving in a spectrum of colors inspires you to try new techniques and expand your skills. Simply gather your barbed felting needle, soap and creativity and let the felting fun begin!


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