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Unlock Delicate Crafts with the Coopay Beginner Lace Crochet Hook Set – 71 Pieces with Thread, Tools, and Portable Case




Move beyond basic crochet with this expansive 71-piece lace crochet set for beginners. Including a range of tiny hooks, colorful threads, and handy accessories, it has everything needed to start mini and lace projects. The convenient carrying case keeps supplies organized at home or on-the-go.

Hook Sizes For Intricate and Fine Work

The 10 steel crochet hooks range from 0.5mm to 2.75mm, ideal for delicate stitches. Ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip that makes quick work of tricky patterns. Great for doilies, jewelry, amigurumi figurines, baby items, and other petite projects.

Vibrant Colors to Enhance Your Handicrafts

Twenty 8-yard thread spools in vivid hues allow you to add beautiful pops of color. Variations like hand-dyed purple, retro oranges, sunshine yellow, and deep rose pink inspire creativity. Coordinate tones or use contrasting shades to make items that really pop.

Tools for Starting Stitches and Finishing Edges

This kit includes extra handy helpers like tatting shuttles for lace edging, sewing needles to weave ends, and stitch markers to track rows. With all the accessories you need, completing professional-looking projects is easy.

Portable Case Keeps Everything Together

The durable zippered carrying case has a convenient handle and multiple storage pockets. Well-placed organizers keep hooks, threads, tools and notions tidy both at home and on-the-go. No more rummaging to find your supplies.

Gift for Yarn Lovers Or Treat Yourself

Give the crochet obsessive in your life a reason to smile with this deluxe starter set. Or dive into delicate crochet yourself as a fulfilling new hobby. With so many pieces, it offers excellent value for money.

Get More from Your Crochet Craft

Learning lace and miniature crochet allows you to expand your skills exponentially. This kit makes it easy to move to the next level with the right supplies.

What’s Included in the Box

– 10 steel crochet hooks sizes 0.5mm to 2.75mm with comfortable grips

– 20 eight-yard thread spools in assorted colors

– 2 metal tatting shuttles for crochet edging

– 20 plastic stitch markers

– 11 hand sewing needles in a range of types and sizes

– 6 needle caps for safety

– 1 pair of embroidery scissors

– 1 portable and organized zippered carrying case

Projects to Inspire Your Creativity

The possibilities are endless with this varied lace crochet kit! Try your hand at:

– Delicate doilies to dress up your home

– Dainty jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings

– Mini stuffed animals like kittens, puppies, or bears

– Ornamental mandalas to frame or give as gifts

– Coasters, doilys, table runners, and other home goods

– Baby booties, bonnets, mittens, and bibs

Discover the Joy of Intricate Crochet

Learning a new skill like lace crochet keeps your mind active and your hands busy. Seeing your project take shape step-by-step is incredibly rewarding. And having cute creations to gift or fill your home with gives a great sense of pride.

The Coopay Beginner Crochet Hook Set provides all the high-quality tools and accessories needed to unlock a world of delicate designs. The convenient case keeps everything neat and organized in one place.

Crochet your way to gratification and get started on lace projects today! This thoughtfully compiled kit makes learning miniature and lace crochet techniques fun and easy.


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