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Unlock Your Child’s Creativity with the U.S. Art Supply No Spill Paint Set




Let your budding artist explore the world of color with this innovative paint set from U.S. Art Supply. Perfect for kids, the set includes 10 no spill paint cups with snap-on lids to prevent messy accidents. With handy paintbrushes included, this kit has everything your child needs to create their masterpieces.

No More Spills or Messes

Kids love to paint, but the spills and messes can be frustrating. U.S. Art Supply came up with an ingenious solution – paint cups with a dual-lid design.

Each 8oz cup has a removable inner lid that seals tight to keep paint fresh between painting sessions. When your child is ready to use the paint, just snap on the outer lid. It has a wide opening for brushes but prevents accidents. No more knockovers or sticky paint drips!

The cups are clearly color-coded with bright outer lids, so your child can easily identify the color inside. 10 vibrant colors inspire creativity and allow for endless mixing options.

High Quality Paint and Brushes

Mess-free cups are just part of what makes this set so great. It also includes premium washable paint and easy-grip brushes.

The quick-drying paint glides on smooth and vibrant. It washes off skin and clothing with just soap and water. The non-toxic formula is safe for kids ages 3 and up.

To maximize their creativity, 10 color-coded bristle brushes are included. With chunky plastic handles sized for little hands, children can paint with ease and control. The brush sizes are ideal for learning brushstroke techniques.

Perfect for Home, School, and On-The-Go

Give your child an exciting introduction to art with this innovative set. It’s ideal for:

Home – Keep your child engaged in creative play without the headache of mess. The paint can be sealed and stored between uses.

School – Teachers love having dependable paint supplies that minimize spills. Cleanup is a breeze.

Travel – The portable cups and brushes pack neatly in a bag or backpack. Paint anywhere worry-free!

Parties – Set up a colorful paint station at your child’s next birthday or play date. No stress over stains!

High Quality Kids Paint Supplies

As art teachers and parents, the founders of U.S. Art Supply understand the need for safe, engaging children’s paints. That’s why they formulated this top-rated set.

Made from durable food-grade plastic, the cups are shatter-resistant and reusable. The mess-preventing lids snap on tight and the cups stack for compact storage.

The brushes feature tightly secured bristles that resist shedding. With ergonomic handles, they’re easy for tiny hands to control. The nylon bristles can be cleaned after each use.

Designed to Nurture Artistic Expression

Children have an innate creativity that can flourish when nurtured appropriately. This no spill paint set allows your child to:

– Freely explore colors and textures without fear of messes.

– Develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

– Gain confidence as they create beautiful works of art.

– Experience a sense of pride in finishing each painting.

Give your little one all the tools they need to blossom into a skilled artist. Order the U.S. Art Supply No Spill Paint Set today!


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