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Unlock Your Inner Artist with This All-Inclusive 72-Piece Drawing and Sketching Set




Aspiring artists and seasoned pros alike will find immense inspiration with this thoughtfully curated 72-piece drawing and sketching set. Whether you’re just starting your creative journey or looking to restock your art supplies, this kit has everything you need to bring your wildest visions to life.

Jam-Packed with Premium Art Essentials

At the heart of this set is a high-quality, 8″ x 11″ sketchpad with 60 pages in three versatile colors – white, tan, and black. The acid-free paper has just the right texture for graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, pen and ink, light watercolor washes, and more. With the sturdy backing and spiral binding, you can easily sketch on-the-go without worrying about pages tearing out.

To stock your art toolbox, this set includes 72 art supplies for drawing, sketching, shading, coloring, and beyond. You’ll get graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, colored pencils in standard and metallic hues, a pencil sharpener, eraser, blending stumps, and a water brush pen. The graphite pencils range from 6B soft to 4H hard lead, giving you tons of tonal variety. The soft vine charcoal is perfect for dramatic shading and bold gestures. And the dual-tipped watercolor brush pen lets you add pops of color with water-soluble ink.

Everything arrives neatly organized in a durable zippered case, making this art set easy to store and transport wherever your inspiration strikes.

Unleash Your Creativity with Professional-Grade Supplies

Having quality art materials makes a world of difference. That’s why each component in this set is crafted to the highest standards.

The graphite pencils feature premium Japanese lead encased in fine cedar wood. You’ll appreciate the smooth laydown and precise lines. The colored pencils have a vibrant, highly pigmented lead core that blends beautifully. And the textured charcoal pencils allow you to create stunning darks and shadows.

With this deluxe mixed media set, you can experiment with many artistic techniques. Try sketching with graphite, then bring your drawing to life with bold and expressive charcoal shading. Add pops of color and metallic details with the colored pencils. Splash colorful watercolor effects using the brush pen. The possibilities are endless!

Everything You Need to Grow Your Artistic Abilities

Whether you’re purchasing this set for yourself or gifting it to the budding artist in your life, it contains everything needed to develop core drawing skills.

The included sketchbook is perfect for practicing the fundamentals like line quality, perspective, composition, lighting, proportions, and more. The graphite pencils are ideal for observational sketches, value studies, and precise detailing. The colored pencils introduce color theory and design. And the charcoal pencils teach expressive mark-making and dramatic contrast.

With regular practice using these premium supplies, you’ll gain confidence in your abilities. Creativity will flow easier. And you’ll enjoy the pure satisfaction that comes from making art.

This all-in-one kit empowers beginners and experienced artists to sketch, draw, and create whenever inspiration strikes. Discover the joy of making art with this thoughtfully designed 72-piece drawing and sketching set.

Product Details:

  • Complete 72-piece art set includes sketchpad, graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, colored pencils, water brush pen, sharpener, eraser, blending stumps, and more
  • Premium softcover sketchbook with 60 pages (40 white, 10 tan, 10 black)
  • 12 graphite drawing pencils (6B-4H)
  • 12 vibrant standard colored pencils
  • 12 metallic colored pencils
  • 9 charcoal pencils (3 white)
  • Dual-tip water brush pen for color washes
  • Pencil sharpener for precision sharpening
  • Large kneaded eraser for removing graphite and charcoal
  • 3 blending stumps to smooth and blend
  • Spiral-bound sketchpad with durable backing
  • Acid-free, medium-tooth paper suitable for all dry and wet media
  • Travel-friendly, zippered carrying case keeps supplies organized
  • Ideal for drawing, sketching, shading, coloring, and more
  • Perfect for beginners and experienced artists alike

Bring your creative visions to life with this all-inclusive 72-piece drawing and sketching set. Order today and unlock your inner artist!


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