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Vanleestar 10 Inch Premium Sewing Scissors – Professional Tailor Shears for Fabrics, Cloth, Leather and Crafting




Cut with Precision and Comfort with the Vanleestar 10 Inch Fabric Scissors. As a sewer, crafter, or designer, quality fabric shears are essential to achieving clean, accurate cuts for your projects. That’s why we’ve designed these professional tailor scissors to be ultra sharp, durable, and comfortable to use.

Sharper Than Your Average Scissors

The blade of these fabric scissors is forged from Japanese high carbon steel, known for holding a sharp edge through extended use. The 10 inch length and precise pointed tips let you make smooth, effortless cuts through layers of fabric. No more struggling or jagged edges! Many scissors become dull after just a few uses. But the durable, razor-sharp blades on these shears retain their sharpness project after project. Just wipe the blades clean between uses for optimal performance.

Ergonomic Handles for Comfortable Cutting

Precision cutting requires control and stamina. To reduce hand strain, our fabric cutting scissors feature soft grip handles. The ergonomic design and textured rubber material provide a secure, non-slip hold. Even after long cutting sessions, the handles help you maintain control and accuracy without hand fatigue. The scissors feel natural and balanced in your hand for effortless cutting.

Multipurpose for Fabrics, Crafts, and More

Tailored for sewing, these scissors easily cut through all types of fabric from delicate silk to heavy denim. The ultra sharp blades power through multiple layers of fabric with ease. For home décor projects, neatly cut through burlap and other heavy materials. Craft enthusiasts will love the precision on paper for scrapbooking, card making, and more. You can even use the shears for food prep! Cut meat, herbs, and veggies with clean slices. With care, the blades also handle leather, foam, and vinyl craft supplies.

Traditional Right Hand Design

This pair of fabric cutting scissors feature a traditional right hand design preferred by tailors for generations. The thumb and finger holes are optimized for right hand use, allowing for more power and control than ambidextrous models. The ring finger stabilizes the shears as you cut, while the thumb and index fingers control the blade motion. With practice, the traditional right hand design results in smooth, nearly effortless cuts.

Shop Confidently with Our Guarantee

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! All our fabric shears undergo stringent quality control and testing before shipment. We inspect and hand test each pair to ensure longevity and performance. When you open the package, you may notice a bit of protective oil on the blades. Simply wipe this away with a clean cloth before first use to reveal the razor sharp edge. If you aren’t completely satisfied with these fabric scissors for any reason, return them within 90 days for a full refund or replacement. Add them to your cart today to experience easier, cleaner cutting!

Technical Specifications:

– Total length: 10 inches

– Blade length: 4 inches

– Weight: 5.6 oz

– Material: Japanese high carbon steel

– Handle material: Textured rubber

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I care for these fabric scissors?

Keep the blades sharp by wiping them clean after each use and storing in the included sheath. Periodically apply a little light sewing machine oil on the pivot screw. Avoid submerging the scissors in water.

Can left-handed sewers use this pair of scissors?

These scissors feature a traditional right hand design. We recommend left-handers choose a pair specifically designed for left handed use for best control and comfort.

What types of fabric can these scissors cut through?

The ultra sharp blades slice through all types of fabric from chiffon and silk to canvas and denim. They also handle leather, burlap, craft foam, and more.

Are these scissors suitable for paper crafts?

The straight sharp blades can handle paper and cardstock well, making these shears a versatile choice for sewing, crafting, and home use.

How do I know if the scissors need sharpening?

Over time, you’ll notice the blades do not cut as cleanly or effortlessly. Take them to a professional sharpener for tuning up. Proper care will minimize the need for frequent sharpening.

Upgrade your sewing and crafting today with the Vanleestar 10 Inch Fabric Scissors! Our Japanese steel tailor shears are built to provide precise, effortless cutting project after project. The comfortable handles and traditional right hand design give you maximum control over clean cuts. Click Add to Cart now to experience easier sewing and crafting.


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