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Versatile and Durable PH PandaHall Black Waxed Poly Cord for all your Crafting Needs




This waxed polyester craft cord from PH PandaHall is the ideal material for all kinds of DIY projects and crafting. With its flexibility, durability and 346 feet length, you’ll find countless uses for this high-quality black cord.

Exceptionally Long 116 Yard Spool

You get a generous 116 yards of continuous 0.5mm waxed poly cord on each spool. No more frustrating short strands that run out too quickly. With 346 feet to work with, you can create multiple projects without interruptions for reloading cord. The lengthy spool also provides great value for your money.

Durable and Flexible Polyester Material

Crafted from polyester, this waxed cord is both flexible and durable enough for any application. It has great tensile strength to withstand pulling and knotting without damage. Yet the cord remains pliable enough for intricate weaving and macrame. The smooth round profile makes this an ideal jewelry making cord.

Wax Coating for Easy Handling

A wax coating applied to the polyester cord helps prevent tangling and friction. The wax also gives the cord a subtle sheen while allowing it to glide smoothly during knotting and weaving. This makes the cord very easy to work with for even complex projects.

Multi-Purpose Crafting Uses

From jewelry making to general crafting, this tough polyester cord handles it all. Use it to create bracelets, necklaces, shoelaces, keychains, hanging ornaments, macrame, lace edging, friendship bracelets and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

Jewelry Designs

At a 0.5mm diameter, this cord is perfect for jewelry applications. Knot and weave the supple cord into bracelets, anklets, necklaces, chokers and waist chains. The waxed finish gives the cord a subtle sheen when used alone or combined with beads and pendants.

Macrame and Weaving

The 116 yard length is ideal for macrame projects like hangings, plant holders and wall art. Or use it for Bohemian-style weaving on apparel and accessories. The wax coating helps threads glide smoothly during intricate knotting and pattern work.

Sewing and Repair

Use this strong poly cord for practical sewing tasks like repairs and alterations for shoes, boots, wallets, luggage and outdoor gear. Hand sew hems and patches neatly and securely. Stitch canvas bags, saddles, ball covers and other heavy duty items that require tough threading.

Crafting and Décor

Get creative with this versatile black cord! Craft friendship bracelets, keychains, lanyards, hair accessories, wine charms and more. Use it for hangers, dream catchers and wreaths. Wrap vases, bottles and jars for a decorative touch. There are so many possibilities.

Convenient Spool Packaging

The waxed poly cord is conveniently packaged on a spool for easy payout and storage. Simply unwind the desired length, then let the spool retract excess cord to prevent tangles. Leftover cord stays neat until needed for your next project.

Tangle-Resistant Wax Coating

A light wax applied to the polyester cord helps prevent snagging and tangling. The wax lets threads glide smoothly through your fingers and around objects. It also gives the cord a subtle sheen and protects it from friction damage.

Easy Knotting and Weaving

Thanks to its flexibility and wax coating, this cord knots neatly and holds knots securely. It won’t snap or fray even when pulled tight. The smooth surface allows excellent grip for weaving and looping intricate patterns.

Premium Quality Cord

PH PandaHall is known for exceptional crafting supplies, and this poly cord lives up to their reputation. Carefully braided from durable polyester and finished with a protective wax coating, it provides superb performance for any project.

Wide Range of Uses

With 346 feet of continuous, pliable wax cord you can create an endless array of handmade items. Use it for jewelry, crafts, macrame, sewing, hanging decorations, wrapping bottles, making lanyards and shoelaces, repairing gear and so much more.

For outstanding quality, amazing length and versatile use, this PH PandaHall waxed poly cord is a crafter’s dream. Get creative with 116 yards of durable, easy-to-use black crafting cord today!


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