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William Craft 120 Pack of 0.1-0.2 Inch Natural Wood Log Sticks – 10cm Long DIY Craft Sticks for Signs, Tags, Photo Props, and More




Add an authentic woodsy touch to your DIY craft projects with this value pack of 120 natural wood sticks from William Craft. Each log measures approximately 10cm long by 0.1-0.2 inches in diameter, providing slim sticks perfect for creating rustic home decor signs, gift tags, photo backdrops, and all kinds of crafty wood embellishments.

The eco-friendly sticks are crafted from natural boxwood and tea tree wood cut into smooth mini logs. Their slender size and natural wood grain texture make these sticks ideal for delicate crafting. Add a touch of organic style to greeting cards, scrapbooks, wreaths, frames, garlands, centerpieces, and any decor you want to give a cozy, cabin-like feel.

Natural Woodsy Touch for All Kinds of DIY Crafts

These natural wood sticks add beautiful, rustic texture perfect for:

  • Sign making – Spell out names, inspirational quotes, or holiday greetings
  • Tags – Make custom gift, floral, and hang tags
  • Embellishments – Glue sticks to cards, frames, wreaths, garlands, etc
  • Photo props – Use sticks to frame photos or create woodsy backdrops
  • Floral arranging – Add an organic touch by tucking sticks into bouquets and centerpieces
  • Wreaths – Use sticks to form the base shape for a rustic wreath

The mini log design provides just the right amount of natural texture without overwhelming your projects. Use a few sticks for subtle embellishments or go all out creating woodsy centerpieces and signs. Whatever your craft vision, these DIY-friendly wood logs fit right in.

Slim Size Perfect for Delicate Crafting

Ranging from 0.1-0.2 inches in diameter, these sticks are slender enough for detailed crafts yet still substantial enough to hold their shape. Their smooth surface also makes them easy to cut, bend, glue, tie, and manipulate however you like.

Use the long 10cm length to spell out words and phrases letter-by-letter. Or, easily cut or break them down into shorter segments to tuck into wreaths, bouquets, frames, and other decor.

The narrow width gives your projects a clean, delicate look. No need to worry about bulky logs overwhelming your creative designs.

Eco-Friendly Natural Wood Material

Made from natural boxwood and tea tree wood, these sticks provide an authentic organic touch. The eco-friendly material is manually cut and processed to retain its natural wooden texture.

Each stick has its own unique grain patterns and bark details for a woodsy look that manufactured materials just can’t replicate. Let the natural variations in the organic wood add depth and interest to your homemade creations.

The untreated material gives you a blank canvas to paint, stain, decorate, or use as-is. Avoid fumes and chemicals with these eco-friendly, craft-ready wood logs.

Pack of 120 Mini Wood Logs

With 120 sticks per pack, you’ll have plenty of these natural wood logs for all your DIY crafting needs. Use them for multiple projects or share extras with friends.

Having a stockpile of sticks on hand means you’ll never have to sacrifice your creative vision when inspiration strikes just because you don’t have the right materials. Next time a seasonal craft idea pops up on Pinterest or a cute design catches your eye on Etsy, you’ll be ready to make your own version!

Plus, buying in bulk means you get an affordable price per stick, so you can add organic wood texture to projects without spending a bunch.

Elevate Your DIY Projects with Natural Wood Logs

Whether you love designing rustic home decor or adding whimsical touches to gifts, these multi-purpose wood sticks are a crafter’s must-have. Use them to make one-of-a-kind wood signs, custom gift tags, organic wreaths and garlands, and so much more.

Bring your handmade creations to life with the natural beauty of wood. Order a set of these eco-friendly mini wood logs today and refresh your crafting stash with organic inspiration!


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