Youway Style Mosaic Tiles – Vibrant Orange Glass Pieces for Stunning DIY Craft Projects




Add a spark of creativity to your next DIY project with this set of orange mosaic tiles from Youway Style. The 150g package contains a vibrant assortment of pre-cut glass mosaic strips, shapes, and tiles in a range of sizes perfect for crafting. With their smooth, uniform surface and thickness, these durable high-quality tiles are ideal for decorative crafts and ornaments.

The brilliant orange hue will inject color and character into any handmade creation. Use them to construct gorgeous stepping stones for your garden path, make unique Christmas decorations and ornaments, or design an eye-catching mosaic mirror or artwork for your wall. The possibilities are endless with this versatile craft material!

Premium Quality Smooth Glass Tiles

Constructed from real glass, each tile has a flawless smooth finish and consistent 6mm thickness, allowing you to perfectly align them to form stunning mosaic patterns. The durable construction means your handiwork will last for many years.

The uniform size and vibrant opaque orange color provide visual consistency so you can focus on creating instead of searching for the right tile. No two projects will end up looking the same thanks to the enticing bright color.

Assorted Pre-Cut Tile Shapes and Sizes

To spark your creativity, the set includes a variety of different tile sizes and shapes like strips, circles, hearts, stars, and more. The pre-cut pieces eliminate the need to shape and size each tile individually, so you can start crafting faster.

In addition, the assortment of sizes and shapes allows you to add interest, depth, and texture to your mosaic projects. Lay out the tiles in mesmerizing patterns, combine the different shapes for contrast, or use the smaller pieces to fill gaps. Endless design possibilities await!

Myriad DIY Craft Project Applications

With a material this versatile, the only limit is your imagination! Below are just a few ideas to get you started:

Stepping Stones
Use mosaic tiles to create custom garden stepping stones. Arrange the tiles in creative patterns on a concrete base for a walkway that’s practical and beautiful. The smooth glass surface provides a comfortable tread underfoot.

Ornaments and Decorations
Construct one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments using mosaic tiles as the base and embellish further with paint, glitter, beads, or other decorations. they also make wonderful decorations for vases, centerpieces, and around the home.

Wall Art and Mirrors
Make a stunning statement piece for any room in your home, like a backlit mosaic wall art or a handmade mirror framed with orange glass tiles. The bright color will grab attention.

Elevate simple drinking glasses, vases, and jars by adding mosaic tile accents with glass glue. Create stripes, patterns or full coverage for a personalized look.

Use individual tiles or shapes to make unique jewelry like pendants, earrings, brooches and more. Add decorative beads for even more visual interest.

Quick and Easy Application

Applying the tiles is simple with glass glues and epoxies. We recommend using clear drying glues like neutral cure silicone, white latex, or alcohol inks to affix the tiles so the vibrant color shows through. Arrange and press the tiles into the adhesive on your project’s base surface.

Once set, grout can be used between the tiles for a professional finish. Always follow glue and grout instructions for best results.

Premium Quality Guarantee

Youway Style provides exceptional customer service and stands behind the quality of our mosaic tiles. If you experience any issues with the tiles, please reach out to us on Amazon for a replacement set or refund. Just go to Your Orders and select Contact Seller. We aim to resolve any quality issues promptly within 24 hours.

With their consistent size, smooth durable finish, and radiant opaque orange color, these mosaic tiles are perfect for launching your next DIY project. Just unleash your creativity! The set of 150g of tile strips, shapes and pieces allows ample material for mosaic trivets, jewelry, Christmas ornaments and decorations, garden stones, wall art, mirrors, glassware and so much more.


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