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zhinan Magnetic Wrist Sewing Pin Cushions and Stainless Steel Pintail Combs Set – Convenient Wristband Holders and Salon Hair Styling Tools for Sewing, DIY Crafts, and Hair Styling




Tired of fumbling with stray pins and needles while sewing? Struggling to section and style hair with basic combs? This set of magnetic wrist sewing pincushions and stainless steel pintail combs is the perfect solution for crafters, sewers, and hairstylists alike!

The set includes 2 flexible silicone magnetic wrist pincushions and 2 stainless steel pintail combs. The wrist pincushions provide a convenient way to keep pins, needles, and other small sewing notions accessible as you work. Just secure it to your wrist and you’ll have an instant place to store and grab supplies when needed. The strong magnetic strip keeps everything securely in place.

The stainless steel pintail combs are perfect for styling, parting, and sectioning hair. The long, pointed tips allow for precision styling and easy separation of strands. Use them for teasing, backcombing, making straight parts, and more. The narrow design is easy to maneuver and glide through hair smoothly.

Convenient Wristband Pin Holders for Sewing and Crafts

The wrist pincushions are constructed of flexible and lightweight silicone that contours to your wrist comfortably. The extra wide 1.18 inch band prevents pinching or irritation. Bend and shape it to fit your wrist just right.

The strong magnetic strip runs down the length of the pincushion to securely hold pins, needles, thread snips, and other small notions within easy reach as you sew. No more searching around for that pin you just had or accidental pricks from loose needles. Keep supplies organized and handy without the struggle.

At 9.45 inches long, there is ample space to store all the pins, needles, clips, etc. you need for most projects. The open design allows you to quickly grab items when needed. It’s perfect for sewing, embroidery, quilting, cross stitch, beading, crafting, and more.

Stainless Steel Pintail Combs for Styling and Sectioning Hair

The stainless steel pintail combs feature long, pointed tips that can glide through hair smoothly for styling, teasing, and sectioning. The firm, lightweight steel construction provides durability and strength to detangle hair and create clean parts without damaging or scratching the scalp.

Use the combs to:

  • Create straight parts
  • evenly section hair for styling
  • Smooth and detangle wet or dry hair
  • Tease and backcomb hair at the roots for volume
  • Separate strands for precision styling

The combs have a very thin profile that allows you to maneuver them easily and get right to the root of the hair follicle. Style and section hair cleanly without irritation to the scalp.

Get professional styling results at home with these salon-quality tail combs. The smooth finish glides effortlessly through hair without pulling or tugging. Style, smooth, and section hair quickly and create trendy looks.

Ideal Sewing and Hair Styling Accessories

This set is perfect for:

  • Sewers
  • Crafters
  • Quilters
  • Embroiderers
  • Seamstresses
  • Beaders
  • Hair stylists
  • Cosmetologists
  • DIYers
  • Braiders
  • Weavers

Keep a wrist pincushion on hand to hold notions during projects or gift them to a crafty friend. Use the tail combs for detangling, parting, and styling your hair or include them in beauty gift baskets for teens and adults.

Having quick access to pins and needles while sewing makes projects faster and easier. The combs provide effortless styling and separation for trendy looks. Convenient tools designed to save time, struggle, and frustration!

Premium Quality Set Makes a Thoughtful Gift

This set makes a thoughtful gift for the crafter or stylist in your life. Share the sewing and hair styling convenience with sewing lovers, hair enthusiasts, teens, adults, and professionals.

Quality construction ensures long lasting durability to serve them for many projects and styles to come. A gift sure to see plenty of use and be appreciated!

Discover the Convenience of Magnetic Wrist Pincushions and Pintail Combs!

Deal with pesky pins, needles, and tangles no more and order this set today! You’ll wonder how you ever managed sewing and styling hair without them.


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